When we opened in October 2014, we had 3 gins on our shelves.  Gordons, Bombay Sapphire and Tanqueray sat proudly on the bar and we added Hendricks a few months later after requests from some of our customers.  Now two and a half years on, we have 70 different gins.  Or 71  Or maybe 72 by now.  It changes regularly, because both Matt and Katie have, erm.. well, an obsession with buying new gins on a weekly basis.

It really kick started when they introduced Warner Edwards rhubarb gin.  A local company with a great story, Warner Edwards gin sales at the pub soared in no time, especially with the addition of their
Elderflower, Dry, Sloe, Melissa and Honeybee gins.  Gradually week by week, the OKH bought in new gins with different tastes, aromas, botanicals all with their own distinctive pairings with various garnishes.  The introduction of Fever Tree tonics only added to the excitement of our customers on what to have this week!

The list of gins below are subject to change (we would keep them all but in truth our bar isn't THAT big), as we seek new gins with a different story to tell, but for now, why not come and try some of the pairings we recommend or choose for yourself and see what you come up with.  Better still, sign up for one of our gin pairing nights and get to taste some magic as recommended by us and Fever Tree!